Building Improvements

Empower for sustainability

Programs to migrate Kisubi for self sustainability are critical to success. From an economic and social district in need to an area noted for its attributes, and assets will be achieved. The infrastructure provides a running start situation with an environment tee’d up to expand. With extended unused land sections and existing educational programs to build from that manage without established funding; the plan to re image, reconstruct and renew will unify with comprehensive functionality and grow a charming city in Uganda establishing a more harmonious and livable ecological low carbon sustainable region.

The sorely needed investment of donors to create a region and destination for future will include identifying priorities to insure thriving educational opportunities, accommodating the mission of the community (caring for the children and elderly) and profit minded business programs matching those of other locations with sensitivity are imperative to contributors.

Help us realize our visionis to expand to a comprehensive community through the development of new ecological construction of energy efficient buildings specific to housing, school facilities and resource centers to include dinning areas, lavatory, farming areas and recreational facilities. The Kisubi location is in a central area of a Regional Harmonization Development. The purpose is to manage a thriving Accommodation business that is easy to reach, programmatically rich, cost efficient, providing value to guests as a reasonable and meaningful place to stay.

Our hope and dream is to fund physical construction for a new Day School building, Orphanage, Girls Dormatory,Library and reference center, Healthcare facility and Student Housing.

  • Orphanage facility

Offering a nurturing place for children that are without adult supervision or the accommodation of basic need. They would fold into the educational system established at the community acting on their behalf as sponsorship.

  • Expanded Student housing, shower and lavatory

Priority for new Girls Dormitory to create areas for healthy living. The older students paying tuition and on scholarship to attend the Vocational College currently referred to as the Ulrika Institute of Home Economics. Provide bathing and hygienic facilities gender specific to include hot and running water and indoor plumbing and energy.

  • Recreational area and sport fields

There are no recreational areas for the children. To support the inclusion of a multipurpose baseball/soccer/rugby field is also planned as Uganda has placed themselves on the map in International sport. The World Cup has everyone’s complete attention and as we know, through sport much can be learned regarding teamwork and leadership. The potential of excelling with a g-d given skill set exists as well. To include exercise in student’s daily curriculum with formal instruction in multiple sports is healthy and deserved.

To build and maintain advantages that will directly impact the project financially, 4-Africa is poised to administer the requirements necessary to grow an ecological city of construction with significant funding inducement.

  • Resource Centers; Library, Computer lab, Arts and music, Women and wellness

A place that students and residents can gather for information to include a resource library stocked with periodicals, Historical reference, educational and art supplies. A building with internet access with computer inventory along with art and music facilities to expose children further. A wellness center and place for Ugandan women to meet and be counseled for today’s challenges will be included.

  • New Kitchen with dining area

Dining area with a large industrial kitchen that can be used by students learning innovative cooking practices with equipment to replace random wood burning furnaces and the floor. Kitchen supplies of every kind will be welcomed.

  • Fashion and Design Center with gift shop

A thriving and successful program needs materials for sewing, and creating fashion and crafts for tomorrow. A designated place for the students to sell their distinctive wears would lend for business orientation and success.

  • New College Building

Developing a dynamic infrastructure to accommodate educators and classroom facilities to support the climate for learning to include existing programs and new accredited majors of interest offered to naturally assist in achieving educational goals of all students. Two year associated degree programs will be offered to start.

  • New Day School Building

To keep in step with furthering education, the area needs to provide primary education opportunities for all school age children. A Day school is planned for construction to complete a Learning Campus offering children ages 5-17 a comprehensive program to maintain continuity to the District with minimal or no tuition attached to program.

  • Guest house accommodation

Currently the Institute has offered guest accommodation with limited amenities to include hot water and consistent energy and electrical power. The understanding that this can become a profit center for the community is favorable as living quarters are sparse but, with an investment in expanding, this can offer students opportunity to find practical experience in the area of Hospitality and support the approach to self sustainability after development. Rooms are rented for pennies on the Ugandan dollar ($1000 UGD = approx. $.50 USD)

  • Conference Center

Also a profit center with a facelift to an older but, distinctive building. The need for private quarters, business like amenities and technology will open up another business for the community that can be nationally and Internationally marketed as a true retreat center for corporate and or dignitary groups

  • Agricultural Center and farm

A small garden exists today that basically accommodates the daily needs of the Parish. Students with a concentration in agriculture are responsible for growing veggies, etc to accommodate. With the expansion of concept and designated area, along with appropriate direction to manage efficiently, a well maintained farm can flourish overnight to provide for the kitchens, community food bank, students and more. Few animals are on site as the opportunity to separate and grow the number of food resources is favorable. This will offer protein and dairy choices not available today based on cost.

  • Wind Power Generation

To accomplish all that is necessary, it is critical to look to efficient energy resources and expertise. As a kind of clean energy, the technology of wind power is mature with lower cost and safer in comparison to other energy sources. With the physical location of the community basin located around hills it appears conducive because of the long flat mount it forms as a natural pathway of wind power generation. The available wind can create power for the surrounding areas with a direct economic benefit. This is a recommended addition offering long term improvement and power cost savings.

  • Solar Energy

With the lack of sophistication to the area, hot water is not available with the exception of a rusted old pipe that generates heat to water in one room in the entire Parish. The plan is to bring a solar hot water system to the community that would be of extreme value. The solar heating system would store hot water to accommodate basic needs for food preparation, cleaning and hygiene.

  • Reconstruction of traffic networks

It is recommended to invest in private areas leading to public thoroughfares for easier access, and the elimination of excessive mud and muck that will provide for less water consumption and a healthier environment. In addition, to provide easier entrance and drivable roads, this enhancement will only improve the other business opportunities to include guest accommodation, community student services.

  • Healthcare facility

Adjacent to the designated areas for educational expansion is a new hospital initiative managed by an Italian foundation. The hospital is state of the art and provides the latest in medical remedies specific to orthopedics and birth defects. It is already recognized as an International medical center for most East African Nations. To leverage the existing hospital facility would be prudent as they do not manage day to day healthcare issues and situations. To add efficient medical services to the local community would be a tremendous step forward to aid. Students in the PA program can help administer and assist with most as this could be a teaching vocational opportunity along with the provision of healthcare needs to the community.

  • Renovation of historic buildings, chapel, retirement home

This beautiful natural area includes dwellings of distinction and functionality. To keep in step with sensitivity to the local residence and Parish a renovation fund and maintenance program is being developed to insure authentication and preservation of these few buildings. This includes a large resident home for retired Nuns that come from many African Nations to live out their seniors’ years with dignity and pride. The Chapel building is also noted as a structure that needs care.

4-Africa, Inc.

  • Energy saving technology
  • Urban reconstruction expertise
  • Solar Energy and Wind Power capacity with estimated cost savings
  • Water pumping solutions
  • Straw methane generation realizing raw project materials
  • Urban horticulture and greening project provision
  • Urban sewage treatment program

For the current Kisubi school dormitory, ORPHAN ACCOMMODATIONS, and residence zone to include area property improvement for building and shared public green land other auxiliary land, the multicenter includes sports fields, working garden and parks. A sewage pipeline and drainage including living waste water and polluted water. The waste water must be treated to qualified sewage standards before discharging to the sewage networks and other relative area. After treatment, the water will be pumped to every area and agricultural garden by Kisubi trench and main channel; then from the main areas to the streets to meet the demand of irrigation and urban greening. Waste water treatment, intermediate water treatment, garbage disposal, garbage generation plant, water supply, solar energy street lamps, unpolluted transport and other public projects will need construction and maintenance of all educational and housing facilities. Totally, first stage of reconstruction for educational sustainability and growth of an ecological city in Uganda will require a sixty five million USD investment.

Tactics for future development

For Kisubi, Uganda, the future is simple, with the project identification and feasibility analysis of an ecological city construction leading with educational, children, and community program development. We are cooperating with the administration departments and programming designing institutes.

An approach to financing, 4-Africa, Inc. strives to earn the support of relative special funds from the City and Country; the project is being entrusted to find the financing support from large sponsors.

In agreement with long term strategy and sustainable development, please recognize the spirit of this initiative; Kisubi will become a self-sustainable and thriving District in Uganda within five (5) years from the onset of this endeavor. The interim objective is to allocate separate donor funds to provide for building upkeep and maintenance that is administered by the program management office in a designated local bank.

Beyond Kisubi, Uganda, it is our intention to use this document and concept as a template to mirror anticipated success in other Africa Nations with similar footprint, culture and climate. 4-Africa with reliable partners is groomed to expand to add to this evolving concept. The Administrative office is carefully focused on target areas that will elevate the quality of education and life. The group will meet realistic expectations to establish viability and visibility to implement and execute the business model described.

The criteria will be driven by investor/donor interest with the provision of synopsis of each County with a township or city identified by the administrators’ office. It appears more impact will be made to concentrate on a group of African counties that have the need and interest to evolve as the benefits and pay back will be greatest to the original investor donors. Examples include Ghana, Tanzania, Namibia, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. To manage within the same continent we will find the administered development with far less dilution of concept therefore bringing a greater return on personal investments and achievements as individuals knowing you have really made a difference in a part of the world that is accepting and appreciative of any and all that we can do.

“Save a life as if you were to save the entire earth”