How To Help

In an effort to meet the needs of the children, youth and community; please choose how you would like to make a difference. We have been sending theme supply boxes targeted to meet specific needs seasonally and year round by program. We have updated our format; please earmark what you would like your donation to affect. We have a new local distribution center for repackaging and purchasing supplies, it is up to you!

We also have volunteer efforts and a schedule of upcoming events and activities both in the USA and aboard, should this be your meaningful path, please review volunteer calendar and sign up! Take charge of your time!

Monetary donations in any currency recommended and welcomed. 4-Africa directs your donation to programs and/or projects of your choice. PLEASE GIVE, challenge yourself!

Donation Theme Box

School Supplies

  • Ages 2-5 crayons, construction paper, markers, pencils, chalk, stickers
  • Ages 6-12 books, calculators, pens, dictionaries, markers, water bottles
  • Ages 13-17 books, disks, note paper, graph paper, pens, book bags, protractor
  • Ages 18-21 flash drives, flash lights, translation books, classics, magazines
  • Girls Dormitory Items toiletries, soap, pads, tooth brush, cotton balls, lotion
  • Kitchen Needs dish rags, food nets, serving items, aprons, recipe books
  • Craft, Art, Music sheet music, clothes patterns, charcoal pencils, canvas, ink

Girls only

  • Career clothes suits, separates, bra, slacks, blouse, briefcase, hose, slips
  • Shoes close toe, pumps, sneakers, nurse’s shoes
  • Personal items swim costume, make up, kotex, you decide.


School Needs

  • $125- Tuition and snack for nursery child for one semester
  • $250- Tuition and lunch for school age youth for one semester
  • $630- Annual tuition, food and housing for one orphan child under 10
  • $1080- Annual tuition for youth includes room and board
  • *$5602- Quote for development cost for Internet Service for entire school community
  • *$1828- Monthly Internet operational cost

Schools supported::

Cabana Nursery School and Ulrika Institute of Home Economics

P.O. Box 91 Kisubi, Uganda

Girls and Women Program supported:


IHMR Gogonya Sisters

P.O. Box 1 Kisubi

Uganda , East- Africa

4-Africa, Inc.

511 45th Street

Sarasota, Florida 34234





4-Africa Inc
Bank of America, N.A.
P.O. Box 25118
Tampa, FL 33622-5118

Routing Number : 121000358

Account Number: 325047745838


A volunteer schedule and calendar of activities and events is forthcoming. Please fill out the contact information sheet and indicate your interest and country you wish to serve. Thank you.