The educational programs offer a very limited to no scholarship opportunity as we have learned of many orphaned children are in need of a program to participate in to give them a head start in life and provide a meal daily along with shoes and uniform. Currently these children that wander through the community cannot participate in any programs based on cost and capacity. The residential area is very impoverished and it is not uncommon to see babies covered in dirt in unsanitary conditions. They would benefit if they could take advantage of an educational experience and structured program, if only to provide clean clothes and food throughout the day.

4-Africa is expanding these programs with the construction of additional buildings, offering viable instructional programs for children ages 2-18 to accommodate all that is proposed with your help.

Orphanage facility facilitywould offer a nurturing place for children that are without adult supervision or the accommodation of basic need. They would fold into the educational system established at the community acting on their behalf as sponsorship.