Educate with distinction

Youth Educational movement has been long in the making, and is now urgently overdue in Uganda. These are without doubt critical times ahead. Intellectual and political openness, SAFETY, sportand academic space are being increasingly curtailed and foreclosed.4-Africa IS HELPING!

Education takes on many forms and formats from traditional classroom activities to practical application.
Additional Educational programs include:

  • Training for adults(construction, machinery, equipment)
  • Expand job options with corporate contracted renovation organizations

Currently the Kisubi Community houses two (2) educational facilities.

  • The Ulrika Institute of Home Economics:
    Offers one and two year certificate and diploma achievement programs. Disciplines include Fashion and Design, Agriculture, Hospitality and ComputerScience.

    The Institute is regionally recognized as a school of pride and compassion. Fashion and Design provides lessons primarily with crafts and clothing. With very limited resources, it is truly amazing what these young people are able to create. THEY NEED EVERYTHING.
  • Cabana Nursery School:
    Offers programs for children 2-4 years of age with tuitions incurred by parents in neighboring residential areas. They are uniformed and with contagious smiles and are a group that would melt anyone’s heart. The school lacks basic supplies for learning and for creative expression, the crayons, writing paper and other items that are used today have only been acquired through individual donations arranged by friends in the states. There is no refrigeration for milk as they keep a cow in the back of the outbuilding to provide daily snacks and fortification for these gorgeous children. They are in need of plumbing facilities, power, hot water, to name a few.
  • 4-Africa New Programs:
    Sport- helping build a multipurpose use athletic field, provide sporting equipment through corporate and individual support.
    Music-Increase access to musical instuments, blending beautiful melotic sounds with exposure to other musical techniques beyond voice.

The educational programs offer a very limited scholarship opportunity as we have learned of many orphaned children that are in need of a program to participate in to give them a head start in life and cannot participate based on cost and capacity. The residential area is very impoverished and it is not uncommon to see babies covered in dirt in unsanitary conditions. They would benefit if they could take advantage of an educational experience and structured program, if only to provide clean clothes and food throughout the day.

4-Africa is expanding these programs with the construction of additional buildings, offering viable programs for children ages 2-18 starting with 2015 initiative to construct an orphan facility and girls dormitory.:

Preschool 2-4 years

Expand the tuition driven program to include the orphanage and others of neighboring, working and non-working families. Programs would offer snacks and supplies to allow for teachers to provide the best head start. Separate kitchen, bathroom facilities, power and water along with a new cow that currently accommodates for snack time again because of lack of refrigerated facilities.

Pre School:

  • Concentration on English, speaking, reading, writing.
  • African and Nature Crafts and History.
  • Arts and Music programs.
  • Sports exposure.

Day School 5-17 years

Develop a campus to accommodate school age children offering required English reading, writing, basic math and sciences along with sport and the arts as preparation for secondary schooling. This day school concept does not exist today in this community.

Primary School:

  • Concentration on English, speaking, reading, writing.
  • Math and Sciences.
  • Arts and Music programs.
  • Sports exposure.

Accredited Vocational College with eight disciplines of study 18-21 years

Infusing Global and National recognized accreditation for the Institute with the expansion of additional majors and provide proper training through advanced technology to support educational requirements preparing students for career pathing and or further University education.

The sorely needed investment of donors to create a region and destination for future will include identifying priorities to insure thriving educational opportunities, accommodating the mission of the parish (caring for children without homes and the elderly) and profit minded business programs matching those of other locations with sensitivity are imperative to contributors.

Secondary School Educational disciplines:

  • Culinary; exposure cooking practices.
  • Fashion, Design expanding expertise in local wears and materials .
  • Hospitality for business.
  • Computer Science.
  • Teaching college.
  • Physician Assistant , healthcare.
  • Agriculture, farming.
  • Fine arts and music.