4-Africa, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) not for profit and charitable organization. 4-Africa is uniquely positioned to become the dominant direct contributor to fund safety and sustainability programs through education, sport and construction to meet the needs of selected communities. With federal and globally approved funding options; 4-Africa is poised to oversee youth, orphan and women’s program activities with the objective to enhance educational and economic conditions beginning with our first project in the community of Kisubi, Uganda.

The Board of Directors and Organization Administration has been selected to bring a broad range of talent and vision along with tactical functions as corporate practitioners through education, sport, finance, creative, government and media experience. The team is an International group of culturally diverse and cross industry experts with achievements and expanded backgrounds that provides as efficient resources; world minded advisors with tremendous heart!

As founder of 4-Africa, Inc., Irene Gottlieb has worked tirelessly for the past seven (7) years supporting the students and educational programs in Kisubi through the collection of supplies from corporate sponsors, developing a mentorship program and providing on ground services as a guest speaker. The dream to expand the areas we can help to thrive is realized with 4-Africa. With your support, children will be safe in quality learning and exercise programs with daily meals and housing should they need it. This will empower their personal growth and provide a skill to use to give back to their community and country with self-sustainability and success.